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Pelvic Traction Kit is prescribed by a physician to compliment a therapy
program designed to relieve pain in the lower back, hips and legs normally associated with
low back disorders. This pulling action on the pelvic region can also aid in the reduction of
muscle spasms and help with the objective to properly align the lower vertebrae of the back.
This Pelvic Traction Kit is delivered as a complete package including a pelvic belt
made of a strong yet comfortable material, spreader bar, ropes, pulleys, weight bag and either
adjustable mattress clamps or an adjustable floor stand.
• Your dealer will deliver the equipment and set it up as prescribed by your physician.
• The type of bed being used for traction will determine if a floor stand or mattress
clamps are used.
• Your dealer will demonstrate the therapy method prescribed and show you how to
properly apply the pelvic belt.
• In order to apply this traction, you will need to wear a properly fit pelvic belt that will
fit quite snugly around your hips. This belt has long straps on both sides that attach to
the spreader bar and then through a series of ropes and pulleys attach to the frame and
the weight bag.
• The weight bag will need to be filled with water to the prescribed level. Do not
deviate from this prescribed treatment without consulting your physician.
Pelvic traction is applied as you lie in a horizontal position on your back. The pulling
action is best done at an angle ranging from a minimum of 30 degrees to a maximum of 45
degrees. This angle provides for a better separation of the vertebrae, which relieves
compression and pinching of the nerves in the back. Proper flexing of the hips during traction
also helps to allow the pulling action to effect better separation of the discs in the proper


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