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Finger Cots Protect from Contamination! These white latex finger cots are available in 3 sizes. They are rolled and pre-powdered. Made super thin for excellent sensitivity. The fingers cots are used for blisters, abrasions & cuts. Finger Cots can be used to protect fingers from contamination, infection, apply medication, insert suppositories, and for many other uses where hygiene is necessary. Finger Cots also can be used to protect a lightly bandaged finger from moisture and dirt for short periods of time. Air circulation to an injury is reduced while wearing a Finger Cot, so it should be worn for only a short period of time. Finger Cot Directions For Use: Step 1: Place finger to be covered in the centre of Finger Cot with roll facing out. Step 2: Carefully unroll Finger Cot by pushing down to the end of the finger. Finger Cot should fit closely to the base of a finger. Step 3: To remove Finger Cot, reverse process. Roll Finger Cot up a finger. Avoid touching the contaminated side of Finger Cot. Warning: Finger Cots contain Natural Rubber Latex which may cause allergic reactions.


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Finger cot splint helps in the immobilization and straitening of the injured/fractured joint. It also helps in maintaining proper alignment of the fractured finger.
Finger joints are delicate and easily get injuries during trauma. the other common reason is due to impact, usually during physical activities. our natural reaction when falling is to put our hand out and land on our wrist, which can cause fractures, breaks or other injuries not just to the wrist but also to the fingers. it also helps in preventing the bones from moving unnaturally or out of p[lace and maintaining the proper alignment of the fractured finger.
Plastic coated malleable aluminium that keeps the interphalangeal joint in required position; Polyfoam padding for comfort. Indications: Collateral ligament injury of the distal interphalangeal joint; Fracture of the Distal Inter phalanges; Protection of nail bed injuries of the finger.
Immobilization of finger following fracture of proximal inter phalanges
Extensor tendon injuries of the finger
Collateral ligament injuries of the interphalangeal joint
Boutonniere’s joint
Postoperative immobilization of fingers
Prevention of deformities in rheumatoid arthritis
Application Instructions:
Slide injured finger into the end of the splint and enclose prongs around the finger. Secure with medical tape
why our finger cot
when an injury or fracture happens to the DIP joint or nail beds  Orthodynamic finger cot will be an ideal product for the mobilizations and straitening of the fracture because :
They are plastic coated malleable aluminium that keeps the interphalangeal joint in required position.
are well padded for comfort.
Adjusts to accommodate oedema.
Straps included.
‘U’ shaped clip style design for easy application.
Design allows application without taping.
Keeps the finger immobilized in straight position.
Size :
One size fits most
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